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Dirty Gardener is a hard working group of folks dedicated to selling quality products and give you impeccable service. We eat, sleep, and breath outdoor products for the home and garden. We are inventors, creators, and stewards of our environment. Every product we sell has been tested, used, abused, and approved by our small staff of enthusiasts, friends, and family.
We unconditionally guarantee all our products so if you are not 100% satisfied for any reason you can exchange or return any products for your money back. Additionally, we offer a lifetime warranty on any of our tools.
Our Seeds are all non-GMO varieties and most Heirloom. Nothing but the highest purity and germination is tolerated. We custom pack weekly to ensure quality and freshness in our products.
As our customer, you should know we are just as tired as you are with buying products we are not 100% satisfied with. You will not find this here!  We take your purchasing experience seriously.
Phone (253) 383-5014 Tacoma, WA USA