Why is shipping so expensive for my items? I am abandoning this checkout!

Why is shipping so expensive for my items?  I am abandoning this checkout!

That is a great question.  Over 60% of "shopping carts" get abandoned at checkout because the buyer does not want to pay for the shipping cost and is surprised by how high it can be.  The heavier or larger the item, the more is cost to ship.

We are no different.  It drivers us crazy and we have really reduced negotiated shipping rates.

One of the big problems is how we have to calculate the cost of shipping for every shopper.  I.e. flat rate per item or by the pound.  It makes a big difference if we have to charge $1.50 per pound on 1 pound vs. 50 pound and it may cost less per pound to ship 50 pounds but the shipping algorithms don't give us this option.

If you get to our shopping cart and the price of shipping something like our Curlex Erosion Control blanket, Pallet or Rubber Mulch, 50 pounds of Pasture mix, etc. seems excessive.  Contact us directly and we can price it out via a freight carrier instead of the calculated UPS shipping rates these programs let us do.

It still cost more than anyone things until they have actually went to a UPS store and tried to ship something. 

Lets say however you think $25.00 is too much to ship something from us in Tacoma, WA to you in Dallas, Texas?  You can go to the store and get it yourself (unless its something we sell you can't buy at you local Home Depot, which is most our stuff).  What does it cost you to get in your car, go to the store and buy that item?  Well, the price at that store should be about 45% higher than our store, so you lose there..  Your time?  Your gas?  The minimum wage in WA is about $15.00 per hour now, so lets assume you make min wage, round trip has to come in at around $15.00 and fuel is sure not cheap.  If you had to go 10 miles which is a regular distance anyone could live from a mega store and its 20 miles round trip at say $2.50 per gallon and you go 20 miles per gallon there is another $2.50 so $17.50 vs. the $25.00 for it to show up at your door minus the convenience.

So again, if your shocked at check out.  Send us a note and we will do our best to get your item to you as inexpensive and fast as possible.

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