1# of Ruby Red Lettuce Seeds- Heirloom seed

The Dirty Gardener

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Ruby red leaf lettuce seeds produce compact plants with loose, crumpled reddish-green leaves. Ruby Red Leaf Lettuce is the darkest red of all red lettuce. Won't fade and is heat resistant. A very decorative plant. Leaf lettuce is a cool weather plant. Once weather gets too hot lettuce becomes bitter. Select a sunny location in the spring as soon as the ground can be worked. Sow seeds frac14;" deep and 1" apart. Germination takes 7-14 days. Remember to keep the soil moist during germination. To keep a constant supply of lettuce plant successive crops every 2 weeks or so throughout lettuce season. Stop planting once the weather starts getting too warm. Resume planting once weather cools in late summer. Harvest by cutting the leaves 1" from the ground when 4" tall. 35 - 45 days to maturity.

  • 1# bulk pound of Seed
  • Delicious Heirloom Ruby Red Lettuce
  • Open Pollinated Variety
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