55 to 110 Gallon Rain Barrel. Best looking on the market.

The Dirty Gardener

$ 399.99 


Our Rain Barrel is a smarter, more attractive alternative, providing economical use of rainwater for gardening and ecostorage. With two natural color options designed to blend in, you can store rain and help the environment without shocking your eyes or budget. Offered in 110 & 55-gallon capacities (as well as various kit options), storage and installation are effortless. Multiple barrels can be plumbed together to create an integral rainwater harvesting system with unlimited capacity.

Make the switch to the Black Diamond Rain Barrel for a smarter, more attractive alternative. With three natural color options designed to blend in, you can store rain, help the environment, and maximize curb appeal. Stop wasting, start catching.

• Integral, all-in-one hydroactivated diverter, first flush, and filter kit available

• Filter and Drain Kits available

• Can be combined for higher capacity

• Connect straight to a garden hose

• Childproof one-piece construction

• Easy connection to downspout

Product Info:
Color: Granite and Green

Spill Capacity (gal): 55 or 110

Weight: 27 lbs

If purchased with Diverter

Before water can be used, it has to be captured and diverted into the container. The Clean Rain Ultra is a key component in any rain harvesting system. Easily installed and maintained, this diverter allows for consistent performance so not a drop is lost. The Clean Rain Ultra is a first flush, pre-filter, and diverter system all-in-one for ultimate simplicity and efficiency.

Product Info:

Dimensions: 8.25" x 9" x 31"

Inlet: 2" x 3" & 3" x 4" Down Spout 3" Sch 40

Outlet: Garden Hose, flex pipe & 3" Sch 40

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