11-52-0 Fertilizer- MAP- Monoammonium Phosphate. 10#

The Dirty Gardener

$ 29.05 


MAP has been an important phosphate fertilizer for growers around the world for many years. It is completely water soluble, generally applied in the granular form and used in the formulation of suspension fertilizers. As a granular material, it mixes well and frequently serves as an ingredient in bulk-blended fertilizers. MAP, with its low pH levels, is best used for high-alkaline soils. It is an ideal starter fertilizer because MAP contains less ammonia-nitrogen than DAP, reducing potential seed damage.

  • Bulk Granular Prilled Urea
  • t has an analysis of 11 units of nitrogen, 52 units of phosphate and of course 0 units of potash.
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  • Low Potash Fertilizer
  • Water Soluble

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