Alnus Rubra Red Alder Trees, 50 Seeds

The Dirty Gardener

$ 3.94 


The red alder tree is a west coast species reaching heights of 70 to 120 feet. Range: Alaska to California. The red alder is the most common hardwood in the pacific northwest. It is a short-lived tree with rapid growth in the first years. Soil type: found on a variety of soils, from well-drained gravels to sands to poorly drained clays or organic soils. Zones: 6 to 8. germination range: 30-50%. stratification requirement: no pretreatment required. Grows up to 70 to 120 feet. Genus: Alnus Rubra. 30-50% germination rate. Zones: 6 to 8.

  • Nothing brings value to properties than beautiful trees
  • Great tree to start from seed due to the rapid growth the first few years
  • Grows from 70 to 120 feet tall
  • Found in the western United States and thrives in almost any condition
  • Does best in zones 6 to 8

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