Brevifolia Engelm Yucca Joshua Tree, 10 Seeds

Yucca brevifolia is called the Joshua tree. This is a characteristic plant of the Mojave Desert and the primary reason why Joshua tree national park was created. Joshua trees can grow to 30 feet with an equal spread. The rigid, gray-green leaves from 6-14 inches long and 1/2-inch-wide are clustered tightly at the ends of the many branches. The cream to greenish-white flowers are in dense panicles at the ends of the branches. Yucca brevifolia has proved hardy to -10o f in Denver. Because of its very slow growth, the Joshua tree makes an excellent addition to your indoor cacti or succulent collection. recommended temperature zone: USDA: 7-10. In other areas grow as a patio plant. Outside during the summer and indoors during the winter. frost protection: hardy to 0‰¡f (-18‰¡c) heat tolerance: extremely heat tolerant sun exposure: full sun origin: southern California, Nevada, Utah and Arizona, USA (Mohave desert) growth habits: slow growing tree to 25 feet tall (8 m) or more, 15 feet wide (4.5 m) watering needs: periodic deep soaking in summer and good drainage. propagation: offsets handled as cuttings, seeds. Yucca brevifolia. Joshua Trees can grow to 30 feet with an equal spread. Full Sun. Hardy to 0 deg F.

  • Makes a fantastic accent tree in desert climates
  • Produces white flowers in summer
  • Grows up to 45 feet tall and well suited to hot, dry conditions and full sun
  • Features spiky, spiny leaves and is spectacularly well defended

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