Gaucho Bermuda Grass Seed

The Dirty Gardener

$ 79.99 


Gaucho is a custom forage Bermuda grass that provides higher dry weight yields, improved forage quality, early spring green-up, and improved cold tolerance. In addition, it contains improved varieties exhibiting a range in growth habit from fully erect "hay" types to strongly prostrate "grazing" types. This range in growth types enhances pasture establishment and helps naturally reduce warm season annual weed invasion. Gaucho contains CD-90610, which has topped university forage yield trials in Oklahoma, Georgia, Kansas, Virginia and Kentucky. Gaucho also contains Rancher, a cold tolerant, leafy and highly nutritious seeded Bermuda grass and another aggressively stoloniferous cultivar chosen for improved soil stabilization and erosion control during early establishment.

  • Custom made forage grass proven in many yield trials
  • Provides higher dry weight yields and improved forage quality
  • Features high cold tolerance and early spring green-up
  • Contains CD-90610 and Rancher Bermuda - both highly nutritious

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