The Dirty Gardener Yucca Elata Soaptree - 50 Seeds

The Dirty Gardener

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The soap tree yucca is commonly found in the Sonora and Chihuahua deserts, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and northern Mexico. Thanks to its exotic look, the plant has been introduced to eastern soil, and can be found growing in climates that are not just hot and dry like the desert. The soap tree yucca is a tall 10-18-foot plant with palm treelike leaves. These leaves are at the base of the plant. They are very similar to those of a palm tree in the respect that the green leaves of the soap tree yucca are long and triangular shaped and are not wide. The stalk that shoots up from the leaves is a twig-thin stalk with small white flowers growing at the top. The plant's fruit is also on the stalk and is a brown capsule until the summer, when it splits into three sections that contain black seeds. The yucca is a very climate compatible plant and can be found almost anywhere. Zone 6-11

  • Makes a fantastic accent tree in just about any climate
  • Extremely frost hardy
  • Produces tall spikey, green leaves at the bottom topped with luscious white blooms
  • Grows from 10 to 18 feet tall
  • Does best in zones 6 to 11

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