The Dirty Gardener Chinese Herbal Medicine Lemon Mint Seeds, 30 Seeds

The Dirty Gardener

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Flower Description: Lemon mint perennial herb- which is a very hardy plant- even in sub-zero cold- still green one. It is very popular with bees. Welcome, light green leaves are very beautiful. Rub will smell a deep sense of smell. you can remove headache, abdominal pain, toothache. And helps to treat bronchitis and digestive diseases. Growth habit: Germination temperature: 22-26. Germination Days: 5-10 days. Growth optimum temperature: 18-35. Pitch: 15 15 cm Light: half shade Ð sunny. Sowing to flowering: about 90 days. Morphology and Uses: Color: Green Height: 20-30 cm. Uses: ornamental- edible. Seed quality: Purity: 95%. Clarity: 98%. Germination rate: 80%. Moisture: 8%. Seed life: two years Note: 1. Keep seeds stored in a cool- dry place. 2. because of weather conditions or damage caused by improper cultivation techniques- seed prices live outside the economic responsibilities. 3. Futuhoudu seed surface is 1-2 times the diameter of the seed.

  • Lemon mint is an herb that is as attractive as it is useful
  • Hardy perennial has beautiful purple blooms, light green leaves and attracts bees
  • Has a sweet, tart lemony fragrance and wonderful flavor
  • Traditionally used to aid in digestion, relieve coughs and treat headaches
  • Wonderful dried and used in pot pourri

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