Calendula Officinalis Patula Tagetes French Sparky Marigold, 50 Seeds

The Dirty Gardener

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Main specialty: annual herb flower variety. Hemisphere shaped plant with dense flowers. Beautiful feather-spread peacock-tail-shaped bouquets. Free to care and the best variety flowerpot and border. Latin name: tagetes patula. Germination temperature: 22-26 degrees. Sprout days: 7-15 days. Growth optimum temperature: 18-40 degrees. Space: 15*20 cm. Sunlight requirement: half shadow, sunniness. Seeded to mature: about 60 days. Seed longevity: about 2 years. Germination percentage: 80%. Weight: 5g. Form and use: color(fruit): orange. plant height: 20-30cm. use: ornamental, parterre, pot. note: please store the seeds in a shade and cool, dry place. because of climate conditions or improper cultivation techniques of loss, we shall not bear the economic responsibility. the surface turns the soil is the thickness of the seed diameter 1-2 times. package included: 50 pcs French marigold seeds

  • Hardy marigold adds vivid orange colors to your gardens
  • Smaller variety which is great in borders, containers and raised beds
  • Excellent for deterring bugs
  • Grows in all zones as an annual
  • Non-GMO seeds have great germination and are easy to grow

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