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Crown vetch is a member of the Pea or Fabaceae family. This low growing vine is commonly used throughout the United States for erosion control, roadside planting and soil rehabilitation.Height: Crown vetch has a creeping stem reaching 3 to 5 dm in length. Leaves: The compound leaves range from 5 to 10 cm in length and have nine to twenty-five leaflets. Leaflets are one to two cm long, oblong with persistent stipules. Flowers: Five to twenty pea-like flowers are umbellate and borne on a stalk 5 to 15 cm long. Flower color is somewhat variable from pink, rose, or lilac. Flowers appear in late May-August Fruit/Seeds: The four-angled legume is from 1.5-5.5 cm long. It has from three to seven one-seeded segments. Department of Agronomy Crownvetch, Coronilla varia L., is a cool season, hardy, perennial legume. It is not a true vetch, although it resembles common and hairy vetch. Crownvetch spreads from rhizomes and will form a dense cover. It has been used for soil stabilization and as an ornamental for many years. Adaptation Crownvetch has a wide range of climatic adaptations, but its performance has been superior on well-drained soils. It is tolerant of both low pH and low fertility soils. However, it is highly responsive to lime, phosphorus and potassium. Crownvetch is particularly adapted to road bank stabilization and erosion control. At the present time this seems to be one of the best uses for the plant.

  • Erosion control and ground cover
  • Soil Rehabilitation
  • 1 Bulk Pounds
  • Fast Shipping
  • Hardy Perennial

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