The Dirty Gardener Organic Common Buckwheat

The Dirty Gardener

$ 5.99 


30 - 40 days. Buckwheat not only improves your garden's soil, this fast-growing plant is great as a "smother" crop to inhibit growth of common garden weeds such as lambs quarter, pigweed, thistle, purslane, and even tough quack grass. Buckwheat grows in soils with poor fertility, and after germination requires little water; avoid wet soil and shady sites. Seeds sprout within days of sowing; plants grow quickly and are ready to till into the garden a month later. Unlike some other cover crops, the succulent buckwheat plants and fibrous roots are easy to mix into the soil with a shovel or rototiller. You can also leave cut plants on the soil surface as mulch. The white flowers attract many beneficial insects to the garden, especially bees that feed on the nectar to make delicious honey.

  • This organic bulk buckwheat is an excellent flowering crop cover
  • Grows quickly in warm soil and has a shallow root system
  • Reaches a height of 2 to 4 feet
  • Popular with beekeepers and also used as a livestock and poultry feed
  • Plow under as a source of natural green manure fertilizer to make phosphate more available

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