The Dirty Gardener 8 Inch Elite Stainless Steel Natural Pruning Shears

The Dirty Gardener

$ 4.99 


The last pair of pruning shears you will need to buy. The Dirty Gardener staff was tired of buying weak, flimsy pruners only to dull too fast, break, loosen or rust. We created these simple, versatile pruning shears to manage multiple jobs for the rest of your life! Made from drop forged carbon stainless steel with diamond plating hand grips. The handles are just right for both large and small hands.

  • Fantastic hand pruners designed to stand the test of time
  • High quality, drop forge carbon steel construction
  • Designed with slip-resistant, diamond pattern handles
  • Leather handle fastener keeps fingers safe during storage
  • Lifetime warranty from the Dirty Gardener.

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