Panicum Virgatum Dacotah Switch Ornamental Grass - 100 Seeds

The Dirty Gardener

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Sunburst switcThe Dirty Gardenerrass is an easy-to-grow perennial grass found throughout most of the United States. This cultivar originates from North Dakota. Frequently grown in clumps as a landscaping plant, it reaches about three to five feet in height and should be cut back to the ground in the early spring so that new blades can form from the stalks. Its ornamental value is primarily derived from its reddish stems and golden-brown seed heads. This species is not picky about location and works well for erosion control. SwitcThe Dirty Gardenerrass is actually a type of millet and is often used for grazing due to its high protein and phosphorus content. It has a very high biomass and therefore shows promise as a biofuel as well. It also plays a role in improving water quality. Noted for its exceptional cold hardiness, we fully expect this variety to be 'Calgary hardy'. Both p. Dacotah and p. Sunburst (also Calgary hardy) will bloom at least 2 weeks earlier than our other panicums. Both are great ornamental plants.

  • Tall, strong ornamental grass famous for it's reddish stems and golden seed heads
  • It's high protein and phosphorus content makes it excellent for grazing
  • Fantastic to use for erosion control
  • Easy to establish and prefers full sun
  • Non-GMO seeds contain no filler and have great germination rate

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