The Dirty Gardener Yellow Blossom Sweet Clover Seeds

The Dirty Gardener

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Sweet clover has great ability to grow and produce under dry conditions. It exceeds alfalfa in its ability to withstand drought and high temperatures. It also is more resistant to grasshoppers than most other legumes. Sweet clover also grows well on a wide range of soil conditions from clay pan to sandy soils and is quite tolerant of wet conditions. Sweet clover will have 260,000 seeds per pound. Certified seed will be at least 99 percent pure with 85 percent germination (including hard seed). Plant characteristics sweet clover is a true biennial; it survives only one winter. Sweet clover is a fine source of nectar and pollen for honey bees. Basic facts about sweet clover: Sweet clover is an excellent legume to provide nitrogen and improve soil tilth. Sweet clover must have a high pH, but phosphorus and potassium levels are seldom critical for survival. Because of the way it regrows from buds along its main stem, during its first year of growth sweet clover must not be grazed down to less than 10 to 12 inches in height. Sweet clover is not as palatable as most other legumes. Sweet clover is not as consistent as red clover in producing high quality forage over the summer period. Sweet clover is very tolerant of dry conditions, heat and grasshoppers. Sweet clover is a true biennial and will survive only one winter. Sweet clover is susceptible to attack by the sweet clover weevil. Sweet clover is not a very good hay crop. Sweet clover is better adapted to short rotation pastures than to long-term permanent pastures.

  • Awesome cover mix used to fix nitrogen levels in crop and garden soils
  • Survives in a wide variety of soils and is highly tolerant to drought and grasshoppers
  • Attracts butterflies and honey bees
  • Easy to grow and requires little maintenance
  • Attracts Honey bees

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