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Ratibida columnifera, also called ratibida columnaris, upright prairie coneflower, long-headed coneflower, Mexican hat, and thimble flower. Mexican hat will grow over most regions of the United States, it's natural range is dry open ground, and disturbed sites extending from southwestern Canada to northern Mexico, east to Minnesota and Texas. There are 2 species of ratibida columnifera, one all yellow and one with red ray flowers (petals) touched with yellow. The ray flowers droop at the base of an upright 1 to 2-inch-tall brownish cone. Ratibida columnifera has an open airy growth pattern branching often above the base. Plant Mexican hat in full sun and well-drained soil, prefers soil rich in limestone but is adaptable to other soils and is quite drought tolerant blooming the second season. Ratibida columnifera grows well on loam, sandy loam, and clayey loam soils and is tolerant of weakly acidic to moderately alkaline soils and weak saline soils. Mexican hat wildflower has low to moderate water requirements and is found on dry plains, prairies, waste ground, and along roadsides and railroads. Seeds do not need a pretreatment and can be planted fall through spring. Perennial. Mexican hat (ratibida columnaris) is one of the most loved wildflowers. 12-24 inches. Grows well throughout much of the continent under a variety of conditions. The neat, magnificently brilliant red-and-gold flowers are borne. Plants are easy-to-grow and very hardy. Hardiness Zone: 3-10. BLOOM TIME: Mar - Oct.

  • Add some unique flair to gardens with these unusual perennial flowers
  • These yellow and red daisy-like beauties have a rising center seed cone
  • Attracts butterflies and bees
  • Grows from 2 to 3 feet so perfect as a background flower in gardens
  • Grows well throughout much of the continent

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