40ft. Suspended Roof Agricultural Liner for Export Ocean Containers


$ 49.00 $ 225.00


LINER A40-0004 SR IM (40ft. Suspended Roof Agricultural Liner)

Norseman's Standard Agriculture Liners transform standard shipping containers into dry, contamination free bulk transportation systems.

Norseman container liners are ideal for shipping dry bulk materials including malt, barley, seeds, grains, meal, pellets and resin products. Norseman bulk liners feature:

Quick and Easy Installation - User-friendly design features Quick tie and one wrap Velcro system reducing labour costs and increasing efficiency.

Durable, Versatile Design and Manufacturing - Tightly controlled manufacturing process, and welded exposed seams prevent leaks or product loss - ensures a superior bulk liner product.

Efficient Transport and Storage - Container liners are lightweight, compact and easy to handle - reducing storage space and maximizing payload.

Custom Bulk Container Liners - Experienced in the design and manufacture of liners, we can customize a liner to your product, loading and discharge requirements.

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