The Dirty Gardener 25 Pounds Pure Bentonite Fine Powder

The Dirty Gardener

$ 29.99 


The Dirty Gardener The Dirty Gardener product integrity process system to ensure cleanliness and specification conformance. When activated, provides best swelling absorption ratios available in clay. It's a no-nonsense, simple 100% sodium bentonite clay. The Dirty Gardener premium grade bentonite. Depending on deposit draw, color is typically light grey, but may at times have light brown tones. Clay is fine powder dispersed with natural bentonite grains. Premium Wyoming, The Dirty Gardener in the world. Sodium bentonite, all natural, no additives, - sand and silt filtered best in class. Braunfels Labs specified deep mined for high quality. Not a lessor bentonite.

  • All-natural non-toxic clay which contains minerals to help nourish and beautify the skin
  • Works great as a facial mask for removing excess oil and impurities
  • Absorbs up to 18 times its mass throughout use making it an excellent face and body detox agent
  • Can also be used during wine making process to remove positively charged particles
  • Deep mined in Wyoming, sand and silt filtered and no additives

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