The Dirty Gardener Salal/Lemon Leaf Gaultheria Shallon, 5 Seeds

The Dirty Gardener

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Gaultheria Shallon / Salal / Lemon Leaf. Genus Ð Gaultheria. Species Ð Shallon. Common name - Salal / Lemon Leaf. Pre-Treatment Ð Required. Zone hardiness cold Ð 6. Zone hardiness warm - 8Height / spread - 0.3-0.6m / 1.2-3mPlant type - Small shrub. Leaf / Flower color - Green / White. Few evergreen shrubs solve as many problems for woodland home sites surrounded by excessive shade and clay-rich soils. Salal is a Pacific Coast native, growing in the understory of woodlands from California north to Washington and over a larger part of Alaska. It adapts well to the long dry season of California and yet stands just as well in the rain soaked Seattle woods, proving its adaptability. Large leathery, emerald leaves give a truly lush appearance to these shrubs. They flower in early spring offering lovely clusters of small, urn-shaped white or pale pink flowers typical of the heath family. These yield to purple, pea-sized edible fruits enjoyed by locals and a wide range of wildlife. The soil conditions of its nativity often consist of heavy clay topped with a layer of leaf litter. These soils force a shallow root system requiring plants to feed off the organic nutrients concentrated where the layers meet. Salal should be grown in partial sun to deep shade, though plants can become rangy in heavier shade and may require a bit of shaping now and then to encourage denser growth. This is an excellent choice for filling in problem areas beneath large old conifers just as they do beneath the legendary coastal redwood groves.

  • Wonderful shrub for woodland home sites and clay soils
  • Produces sweet white and pink blooms atop lush, emerald leaves
  • Blossoms become small, edible purple berries
  • Adapts well to many climates from the dry Sierras to the damp Washington woods
  • Does well in both sun and shade

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