Syngenta Bravo Weather Stik Agricultural Fungicide, 2.5 Gallons


$ 149.99 


When wet weather and diseases are at their worst, Bravo Weather Stik Fungicide is at its best. The unique Super Weather Stik formulation lets Bravo Weather Stik stick and stay on potatoes, tomatoes and peanuts for protection where generics fall short, making it a world-leading contact fungicide. With benefits like broad-spectrum activity, residual control, convenient liquid formulation and tank mix flexibility plus 40 years of proven performance, Bravo Weather Stik is an easy choice.

  • Specialized fungicide provides broad-spectrum disease control
  • Unique formula sticks to plants during all kinds of wet weather
  • Provides easy tank mixing capabilities
  • Comes backed with 40 years of proven performance

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