Diuron Copper Sulfate Smart Crystals, 10 Pounds

The Dirty Gardener

$ 228.26 


A non-selective residual herbicide for the control of a wide range of grasses, broadleaf weeds in land not intended to bear vegetation, including industrial sites, railways, and other non-crop situations. Diuron 80DF Herbicide Labeled Application Rates: 3-4 lb per acre on selected crops. See label for specific crops listed. For non-crop weed control, use 5-10 lb per acre. See label for all usage details and for weeds controlled. Other product Suggestions: For year long bare ground control use: Arsenal or Polaris. Replace Roundup with Credit 41 Extra for a great savings. Also check out our other non-selective weed control products which include Glyphosate - Herbicide etc. ePestSolutions also provides a variety of selective herbicides and spray additives.

  • Protect gardens, lawns and landscaping with quality herbicides
  • Non-selective herbicide kills weeds and grasses with one treatment
  • Use on land not meant to bear vegetation
  • Great alternative to more expensive brand names
  • Refer to product label for any local use restrictions

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