Wormwood Shrubs - 100 Seeds

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Wormwood herb (artemisia absinthium syn. Absinthe) a fragrant spreading perennial plant with soft shimmering silvery green foliage & pine scented leaves - stunning appearance under a full moon which catches the light in a reflective manner - grows to an avg. Height of up to 48" - grow as perennial full sun or part shade in zones 3-9. Artemisia absinthium (absinthium, absinthe wormwood, wormwood, common wormwood, green ginger or grand wormwood) is a species of artemisia, native to temperate regions of Eurasia [4] and northern Africa and widely naturalized in Canada and the northern United States. [5] it is grown as an ornamental plant and is used as an ingredient in the spirit absinthe as well as some other alcoholic drinks.

  • This feathery shrub is beautiful and useful
  • Produces greenish-yellow flowers with feathery silver-green foliage
  • Has an aromatic fragrance which repels pests and insects
  • Use in dried flower arrangements, wreaths and bouquets

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