Cynara Scolymus Green Globe Artichokes, 75 Seeds

The Dirty Gardener (TM)

$ 0.85 


This improved artichoke is such a pretty plant that it is also sold as an ornamental. Bold, deeply lobed silvery-green leaves grow in a giant rosette that can get 4 feet tall. In my opinion, artichokes are the most beautiful vegetable out there! They have magnificent blooms that all the other flowers are jealous of! After your first harvest, you can cut the plants down to 1-2 inches for a 2nd harvest. Harvest: 85 days. Hardiness zone: 7 - 9 (or annual elsewhere). Light requirements: sun . . . Soil / water: average.

  • Add some delicious artichokes to your own vegetable garden
  • This variety produces uniform plant sizes
  • High germination rate
  • Grows to maturity in 150-180 days

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