The Dirty Gardener Organic Whole Alfalfa Sprouting Seeds

The Dirty Gardener

$ 7.99 


Certified Organic VNS Alfalfa is the variety not stated alfalfa available for organic growers. It's disease resistance and winter survivability is similar to Vernal alfalfa. Certified Organic VNS alfalfa is a good choice for short rotations and as an economic second year plow down. Certified Organic VNS Alfalfa is pre-inoculated with OMRI approved INTX Pre-Vail inoculation. Inoculation is a rhizobium bacterium that should be applied to all legumes. Rhizobium bacteria promotes nitrogen fixation. Organic seeds are grown by organic growers that adhere to the strict organic practices that are required by organic producers. No chemical fertilizer, insecticides or herbicides are allowed in producing this seed. Genetic purity is maintained throughout the production and processing of this seed.

  • Alfalfa is a beautiful plant that is super versatile in it's uses
  • Similar to clover with clusters of small purple flowers
  • Popular forage plant for cattle, horses and wildlife
  • Sprout and use in salads, on sandwiches or munch on them by themselves
  • Certified organic and made in the USA

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