The Dirty Gardener Chicken Forage Feed Seed Blend, 5 Pounds

The Dirty Gardener

$ 11.99 


A wonderful blend of crops that your chickens will love. Easily grow a beautiful pasture that your chickens will forage for delicious foods. Will cut dramatically down on chicken feed and create highly nutritious eggs! Seed blend includes: 20% Annual Ryegrass, 20% Buckwheat, 20% Forage Peas, 10% perennial ryegrass, 10% flax, 10% millet, 5% red clover and 5% alfalfa seed.

  • Create a tasty pasture for chickens to graze
  • Blend includes ryegrass, buckwheat, forage peas, flax, millet, red clover and alfalfa seed
  • All seed are non-GMO
  • 5 pounds covers 1,000 square feet

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