The Dirty Gardener Cerastium Snow in Summer Flowers, 100+ Seeds

The Dirty Gardener

$ 3.10 


100+ Seeds. Easy to grow from fresh seed. Will come back every year. Grows to 6-10 inches tall. Full sun or partial shade. Dense, mat-forming evergreen that is drought tolerant and deer resistant. Fresh seeds. Can be started indoors in winter to be transplanted outdoors in spring, or can be sown directly into the ground in spring or summer. Combined Shipping Discount. All additional items ship free. Instructions included.

  • This pretty white flower is excellent in borders and rock gardens
  • Forms a dense evergreen mat to make an excellent cover plant
  • Plant once and these beauties will come back year after year
  • Grows 6-10 inches and thrives in both full sun and partial shade
  • Easy to care for and drought and deer resistant

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