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Campanula carpatica, the tussock bellflower [1][2] or Carpathian harebell, is a species of flowering plant in the family campanulaceae, native to the Carpathian Mountains of central Europe. It is a low-growing herbaceous perennial, with long stems bearing solitary blue bell-shaped flowers. Delicate lavender or blue flower that can tolerate a variety of conditions. It may look delicate, but this flower can withstand temperatures of -30 degrees fahrenheit. It will thrive in full sun or in partial sun. The soil can be dry or moist and the weather hot or cold- the bellflower tussock doesn't mind. It will grow well in zones 3-8. It should be planted in the fall in soil that is well drained. The cold weather of the winter is needed to help the seeds germinate. In the absence of cold weather, they can germinate in a refrigerator. With flowers that are about 2 inches wide, the bellflower tussock is an eye-catching part of any garden. It can be used in containers or as the front row of flowers in a flower bed. The bellflower tussock develops wide greenery beneath the flowers, making it a perfect border flower. It also makes an excellent cut flower. It will come back again and again to grace the garden with its delicate color. Plant features: blooms from May through July grows to a height of 8-18 inchesÕ plant seeds at a depth of 1/8-inch germination is in 7-25 days.

  • This sweet little flower is both beautiful and functional
  • Blossoms grow in small clumps and are perfect for borders or rock gardens
  • Use blossoms in salads and eat the leaves either raw or stewed
  • Easy to grow, low maintenance and mostly disease and pest resistant
  • Thrive in full sun but also do well in partial shade

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