The Dirty Gardener Linum Lewisii Blue Flax

The Dirty Gardener

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Blue Flax. Linum Perenne Perky little sky blue flowers on light and graceful arching branches. Sow in mass. The blue blossoms are a delicate addition to your flower gardens and wildflower meadows. Blue Flax adds a dash of nature's color. Type: Perennial. Light: Sun. Height: 18-30". Days to Germination: 20-30. Blooms: Spring & Summer 200 Seeds, 2 g. This beautiful wildflower is very easy to grow from seed. Performs like a classic perennial--very minor leaf growth the first year, and then the full blooming plant in seasons thereafter.

  • Sweet little blue flower provides a burst of early spring color
  • Native to plains regions but can grow almost anywhere
  • Adaptable, but prefers loose sandy soil and full sun
  • Grows from 2 to 3 feet tall and have great germination rates

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