Repellex Mole/Vole/Gopher Repellent, 24 Pounds


$ 41.87 


Our formulation is designed to absorb into soil quickly and dis-flavor food sources to create an uncomfortable habitat for these pests. During normal weather conditions this product can last for up to 60 days. Repellex mole, vole and gopher repellent is safe to use on your lawn and garden. The granular formula is made with post-consumer recycled cellulose which works faster and better than other carrier granules.

  • The most successful mole, vole and gopher repellent available
  • Can last for up to 60 days
  • Active ingredients include castor, pepper and garlic oils
  • Environmentally safe emulsifier agents allow repellent to absorb in the group quickly and effectively
  • Comes in 7 and 24 pound packages

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