The Dirty Gardener Dichondra Ground Cover Seed

The Dirty Gardener

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If you have ever walked barefoot on a Dichondra lawn, you will know what we mean when we say this makes a really cool lawn. The Staff at the Dirty Gardener first encountered this at a trade show in Florida and fell in love with it. We don't get the luxury in the Pacific Northwest of seeing this plant but sure look for it on our warmer climate traveling. Dichondra is a warm-season perennial ground cover, best adapted for cool coastal conditions. It will grow in partial shade, but does best in full sun. Because dichondra does not tolerate heavy traffic, it is best adapted for small areas rather than large lawns or where mowing is difficult. Broadleaf weed invasions are common and can be difficult to manage. Identifying tips: A bright green ground cover with broad, circular leaves. Dichondra is not a grass, but a low-growing broadleaf ground cover. Maintenance High maintenance for water and fertilizer. Dichondra requires well-drained soil and has a high nitrogen requirement. It has a low tolerance for salinity, drought, and very cold temperatures but tolerates some heat. Mowing is a matter of personal preference; it may either be mowed or remain unmown. Dichondra recovers only partially from moderate wear. Dichondra is the botanical name for a genus of perennial creeping plants with tiny round leaves. Commonly used as a groundcover, dichondra grows quickly and rarely exceeds 2 inches in height. Dichondra is classified as a warm season groundcover although it tolerates temperatures to 20 degrees Fahrenheit and does best when grown in cool, coastal areas within U.S. Department of Agriculture Plant Hardiness Zones 7 through 11. Wait until temperatures are in the 70 degree Fahrenheit range to plant the dichondra lawn.

  • Gorgeous herbal lawn grows to no more than 2 inches in height
  • Great for warm season coastal conditions
  • Great green color with small white flowers
  • Does best in zones 7-11

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