Clover Seed, White Dutch - Raw

The Dirty Gardener

$ 3.49 


The Dirty Gardener sources only 99% pure seed with great germinations. White Dutch clover is used for many things from lawns to pastures. Ours is free of noxious weed seeds with high germination rates. White Dutch clover is a great lawn alternative lawn. Clover keeps plants (including itself) greener, through its natural nitrogen fixation properties. Eco lawns are the new thing; white Dutch clover can be mixed into existing grass lawns or done as an exclusive lawn such as Europe. You may mix white Dutch clover into an existing grass lawn or use it solo as an alternative lawn. Dutch white clover can work as a lawn alternative on a smaller scale but may present some issues for larger lawn areas. You may choose to plant a new lawn with a combination of eco-friendly grass and white Dutch clover. This clover is a soil nitrogen fixer so there is no need to use expensive and harmful chemical nitrogen fertilizers. Grows to a height of four to eight inches in a thick mat. Tolerates low mowing well (if desired). Stays green through droughty periods of summer. Provides nitrogen (up to 2 pounds of n/1000 square feet) for the other grasses in the lawn, eliminating the need to fertilize.

  • Blooming clover is often used as an alternative to lawns
  • Helps boost soil nitrogen levels
  • Can be used as ground cover, cover crop and for erosion control
  • Also great to attract bees and wildlife
  • Hardy perennial once established

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