The Dirty Gardener 3 x 100 Feet Black Dewitt Silt Fence


$ 39.82 


Environmentally friendly erosion control, Dewitt's Silt Fence is the most commonly used fabric for erosion control in residential and commercial construction. Silt Fence is made from woven polypropylene yarn and is designed to block sediment while letting water slowly flow through the fabric. When properly installed, it can control sediment, keeping soil from being washed into streams and rivers, which otherwise results in killing fish and other aquatic life. Fabric roll measures 3 feet x 100 feet. Includes eleven 48-inch oak stakes.

  • Excellent resource for gardeners and farmers
  • Helps contain sediment, topsoil, compost and other materials
  • Allows water to flow through
  • Can also be used fish and other aquatic life
  • Made from woven polypropylene yarn

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