The Dirty Gardener 8 Ounces Bentonite Clay Powder

The Dirty Gardener

$ 2.59 


Even Gardeners need some TLC. This has been tested and approved at many elite spas in the Pacific Northwest. The Dirty Gardener created the perfect facial and body energizing mud using the perfect organic, natural ingredients that revitalizes the skin. 1000-year-old bentonite clay combined with dried mint provides the perfect solution for your skin. The proven magical power of the clay combines with the soothing of dried mint. Bentonite clay is non-toxic clay that contains minerals that help nourish and beautify the skin naturally. The clay comes from volcanic ash that has settled onto the earth surface. In addition to soothing and calming your skin, mint may also help out your skin in another way. Mint contains a nutrient called perillyl alcohol, and studies have shown that it may prevent the formation of bad skin. Other studies indicate that it prevents other maladies we cannot post on Amazon due to misleading claims, however the research is readily available. Mix this product with water to the desired consistency and apply.

  • All-natural non-toxic clay which contains minerals to help nourish and beautify the skin
  • Works great as a facial mask for removing excess oil and impurities
  • Absorbs up to 18 times its mass throughout use making it an excellent face and body detox agent
  • Can also be used during wine making process to remove positively charged particles
  • Order comes with 8 ounces of pure bentonite

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