The Dirty Gardener Wildflower Mix, 1 Pound

The Dirty Gardener

$ 33.99 


One-pound wildflower seed mix. One-pound pure seed. This mix grows best in full sun. The seeds included are: calendula mix, bachelor buttons, blue flax, California poppy , Shirley corn poppy, lance leaved coreopsis, cosmos sensation mix, Chinese forget-me-not, sweet alyssum, scarlet flax, farewell to spring dwarf, bachelor button mix, blue flax, red corn poppy, rocket larkspur, African daisy, scarlet California poppy, clarkia, black-eyed Susan, prairie yellow cornflower, candytuft , Shasta daisy , blanket flower, baby's breath, love in a mist, pink sweet William, catchfly, California bluebell, toadflax northern lights, painted daisy, Chinese house, mountain phlox, baby blue eyes, clasping coneflower, California poppy orange, evening primrose, sweet alyssum royal carpet, Siberian wallflower, germination tested and packed for current year.

  • This wildflower mix provides an absolute stunning array of vibrant color
  • Blends a mix of over 20 annuals and perennials to come back year after year
  • See description for a full list of blooms
  • Packed weekly for better germination rates
  • Non-GMO seeds with no filler content

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