Whitetail Institute Acorn Obsession Super Deer Attractant

Whitetail Institute

$ 29.00 


Don't have time to plan a food plot? Try Acorn Obsession - the easy to use granular attractant with a strong acorn flavor draws deer from long distances and is perfect for hunters who don't have the time to plant food plots. Acorn Obsession contains Devour - the proprietary taste and scent enhancer that deer crave. Extremely attractive to deer, especially in the early fall and winter. Fortified with essential minerals and vitamins to boost energy levels 24% protein. Extremely easy to use. Can be poured directly on the ground Obsession is available in Acorn and Apple flavors - try both and let your deer tell you which they like best. Caution - Acorn Obsession is such a powerful attractant that some states consider it bait. Consult your local game laws before using.

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