Heirloom Organic Roman Chamomile - 50,000 Seeds

The Dirty Gardener

$ 6.99 


Roman chamomile is a self-seeding hardy perennial. It tolerates tough weather and use, and will grow in almost any soil. The flowers can be picked to make chamomile tea or used in herbal remedies. Roman chamomile will germinate even in hard frosts, and attract butterflies when in bloom. Blooms all summer. To grow: sprinkle seeds onto finely raked soil in early spring or fall, keep moist until established, and enjoy!!!

  • This hardy ground cover provides a sweet fragrance whenever stepped on
  • Used from ancient times for it's medicinal properties
  • It's small, yellow daisy-like attract butterflies and bees
  • Easy to grow and self-seeding to return year after year
  • Stands up well to cold winters

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