The Dirty Gardener Heirloom Peaches and Cream Bicolor Corn

The Dirty Gardener

$ 7.99 


Bi color corn, home gardeners love this variety. It has a high sugar content, great flavor, and great for home freezing and gardens of all sizes. It is a strong producer, matures in 90 days in mid-season. Peaches & Cream actually gives two different sweet flavors in every bite. It matures early in the season, grows to 6 ft. tall and has 8-1/2" long ears. The pretty bicolor kernels are borne in 18-20 rows. A popular favorite. Sun: Full Sun Sowing Method: Direct Sow Days to Maturity: 70 days. Height: 6 feet. Spread: 12 inches. Thinning: 12 inches.

  • Grow your own vegetable garden with these quality seeds
  • Peaches and Cream corn has a great flavor and high sugar content
  • Good for home freezing, canning or eating right off the cob
  • Matures in 90 days and is high yielding
  • Non-GMO seeds with no filler content

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