The Dirty Gardener Shasta Daisy Flowers, 0.5 Pound

The Dirty Gardener

$ 19.99 


Shasta Daisy is popular among homeowners, its classic daisy flower being one of the most loved flower forms. Ideal both for the garden and for cutting, flowers are long blooming, but plants are not necessarily long-lived. Foliage: Foliage of Shasta daisies is medium to dark green. Individual leaves are narrow, from 1 1/2 to 3 inches long, smooth and deeply toothed. They grow on alternating sides of the plant stem. In some regions Shasta daisy foliage is evergreen. Flowers: Shasta daisy flowers look like the classic daisy. They may be from 2 to 6 inches across, depending on the variety. They always feature a ring of white ray petals with yellow centers, growing singly at the end of individual plant stems. Nowadays some specialty types have double flowers with 2 rows of ray petals. Some even have frilled petals, or are so full that they are rounded like a ball. Long-blooming, they appear in June and continue until August.

  • Everyone loves daisies brightening up their gardens
  • Hardy perennials which form dense colonies once established
  • Naturalized throughout all regions of the U.S. and prefer full to partial shade
  • Can grow from 1 to 3 feet in height depending on soil
  • Great as ground cover or border plant since foliage is attractive and green all year

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