The Dirty Gardener Bellis Perennis White/Yellow English Daisy

The Dirty Gardener

$ 19.99 


English Daisy flower seeds at a great bulk price. It is an herbaceous perennial plant with short creeping rhizomes and small rounded or spoon-shaped rosettes of leaves that are from 3/4 to 2 inches (approx. 2-5 cm) long and grow flat to the ground. The species habitually colonizes lawns, and is difficult to eradicate by mowing - hence the term 'lawn daisy'.

  • Everyone loves daisies to brighten up their garden
  • Also grow well in containers and pots for balconies and decks
  • Grows low to the ground and often creeps into lawns
  • Grows best in zones 4-8 and needs good drainage
  • Thrives in full to partial sun

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