Mignonette Reseda Odorata, 250 Seeds

The Dirty Gardener

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Mignonette exquisitely fragrant Reseda odorata alba 250 seeds. Mignonette flowers are extremely fragrant. The greenish flowers can be used in flower arrangements. The cut flowers of mignonette are extremely long lasting. Mainly grown for its wonderful fragrance mignonette is also known for its calming properties. The plant grows best in zones 7+ in well-drained soil exposed to full sun or partial shade. An alternative use is as a potted plant inside the home where the fragrance will truly be appreciated. Mignonette self-seeds, or the seeds can be collected and stored for later sowing. Mignonette is suitable to be planted in a large group, or add a few to scentless plantings to give them fragrance. Height: 18 in spacing: 10 in type: hardy annual/self-seeding perennial flowers: yellow, orange, green likes rich soil and regular water. Prefers afternoon shade in warm climates. Propagation: propagation is by seed. The plant resents transplanting so sow seed directly into the garden. Do not cover the seeds. This perennial plant is usually treated as an annual and grown from seed each spring. Mignonette is a wonderfully fragrant plant. It has a lovely sweet spicy scent. Luckily, it makes an excellent cut flower, so you can bring the wonderful aroma indoors with you. Bloom time: summer. Hardiness zone: annual. Light requirements: sun - part shade . . . Soil / water: average.

  • The sweet, spicy scent of this flower makes an excellent cut flower
  • Wild look is perfect for decorating along fences and walls
  • Grows from 2 to 3 feet tall and prefers full to part sun
  • Blooms all summer long
  • Often treated as an annual and grown from seed each spring

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