Lavatera Trimestris Rose Mallow Mix - 200 Seeds

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Rose mallow - mix rose mallow is native to the Mediterranean region. It requires full sun and can grow in a wide range of soils. This flower does the best if it is planted in well-drained soil, but it can also handle itself in soil that is drier. It is recommended to start it outdoors, as it does not transplant with a high success rate. It can be planted in the spring or fall in zones 7-10. Typically, it will grow into a tall shrub, and then die when the first frost comes. It also perfects for cut flower and deadheading it will promote more blooms. Product details: product name: rose mallow Ð mix. Latin name: lavatera trimestris. type: flower. color: pink, white. cycle: annual origin: introduced. height: 24-48". germination time: 15-30 days. bloom season: summer-fall. all seeds are guaranteed germination rate of minimum 80% unless otherwise labeled on package(s), packed for current year for distribution and are guaranteed for up to 365 days from date of purchase. Rose mallow has lovely 3 inch hibiscus like blooms. It is attractive to bees, butterflies, and birds. Bloom time: early summer - fall. Hardiness zone: annual (but reseeds itself easily, so it acts like a perennial in all zones). Light requirements: sun - part shade . . . Soil / water: average.

  • Fast growing shrubby annual similar to hibiscus
  • Native to plains regions but can grow almost anywhere
  • Features large, showy blooms in shades of rose, pink and white all summer
  • Easy to grow, germinates quickly and requires little maintenance
  • Re-seeds itself so does well in all zones

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