Birdhouse/ Bottle Gourd Seed 1/2# From The Dirty Gardener

The Dirty Gardener

$ 29.99 


1 bulk pound of Bird House/ bottle Gourd seeds Heirloom "Birdhouse/Bottle" Gourd Seeds Perhaps the most famous and unusual of the gourds, the Birdhouse/Bottle Gourd is the classic gourd for crafting. Name: "Birdhouse/Bottle" Gourd Botanical Name: Lagenaria siceraria "Birdhouse" or "Bottle" Other Common Name(s): "Birdhouse", "Bird House", "Bottle" Color: Pale Green/Yellow Size: Up to 12 Inches Days to Maturity / Harvest: 125 Days Sun / Shade: Prefers Sun / Will Tolerate Some Shade Hardiness Zones: All Ships: Year-Round

  • 1 Full pound of Gourd Seed
  • Great germination
  • Fast shipping from The Dirty Gardener

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