The Dirty Gardener Linum Lewisii Blue Flax, 1,000 Seeds

The Dirty Gardener

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Blue flax [linum perenne]. 1,000 seeds. Season: Perennial. Height: 14 - 24 Inches. Bloom Season: Spring/Summer. Environment: Full Sun/Dry. Zones: 3-10. All Regions of North America. Blue Flax [Linum Perenne] is a perennial flower with pretty little sky-blue flowers, 1/2 inch to 1 inch across bloom on light and graceful arching branches. Blue flax stands up well to heat, but it prefers cool coastal summers, and it will bloom longer in cool coastal climates. Blue Flax [Linum Perenne] is showy, every morning it covers itself with blue flowers, hundreds per day. The leaves themselves stay at 18 inches or so but the flowers arise above making a total arching display 3 feet or so high. Prefers full sun, and loose, dry soil, but it is very adaptable. Blue Flax is a good garden flower. PLANTING. Sow Inside: Before last frost. Sow Outside: Spring/Late Summer/Late Fall (Two months before the first fall frost for flowers the following season.) Seed Depth: 1/8". Days to Emerge: 20 to 30. Blue Flax [Linum Perenne] Seeds.

  • Sweet little blue flower provides a burst of early spring color
  • Native to plains regions but can grow almost anywhere
  • Adaptable, but prefers loose sandy soil and full sun
  • Grows from 2 to 3 feet tall and have great germination rates

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