The Dirty Gardener Boulevard Lawn Seed Patch, 90 Spots/250 Sq Feet

The Dirty Gardener

$ 8.99 


Designed to repair the damages from deicer or road side salt where nothing will grow. This mixture of grass seed is super salt tolerant to survive the harsh damages caused by snow melt or higher levels of acidity, while still performing like the envy of the neighborhood in terms of color and turf quality. Our exclusive Gypsum and grass seed mixture neutralizes acidity in your soil, aids in seed germination and retains moisture for the perfect way to regrow your lawn or bare spots without all the fuss needed with regular seed.

  • Fantastic product repairs salt damaged lawns
  • Also use to fix lawn bald spots
  • Conditions and neutralizes soil
  • Rapid fast green grass seed germinates in only 5-7 days
  • Covers 250 Square feet or 90 bare spots

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