Curlex I Erosion Control Blanket - 4 x 90 Feet

The Dirty Gardener

$ 19.99 


The first name in erosion control. Biodegradable excelsior blanket with netting, for temporary erosion control and speedy revegetation of slopes and waterways. Clings to the soil with "barbed" fibers to reduce soil loss and strengthen its foundation. Retains moisture and provides a protective blanket for germinating seeds. Contains no weed seeds. Aspen wood fibers, a renewable resource. Acts as a mulch and adds nutrients to the soil during breakdown. 80% of fibers are six inches or longer. Consistent thickness, conforms to soil surfaces. No chemical additives. 4' rolls ups shippable, 8' rolls are motor freight delivery. Extruded plastic netting on one side breaks down in sunlight in 90-120 days. Terrific for revegetation of slopes in a single season. Recommended for slope to 2:1, channels to 7 fps. Weight is73 lbs. Per sq yd. Dyed green for instant color.

  • Curlex CL is an easy to install erosion control blanket
  • Super light weight for handling
  • Blanket is fully bio-degradable
  • Acts as a mulch, adds nutrients to the soil and contains no weed seeds
  • Available in different sizes

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