The Dirty Gardener Awesome Wildflower Seed Mix, 1 Pound

The Dirty Gardener

$ 29.99 


We have worked very hard to select the perfect combination of perennial and annual (reseeding) flowers to make this awesome wildflower mix. There is not another mix like it. It can be mowed down for a fragrant lawn mix or left to grow and bloom throughout your various seasons in all regions of the United States. Bursts of orange, red, pink, blue, white, crimson, salmon explode from this mix for months out of the year.

  • No other wildflower mix on the market can compare
  • Provides an absolute stunning array of vibrant color
  • Blends a mix of over 25 annuals and perennials to come back year after year
  • Mow down to make a fragrant lawn
  • Blooms thrive in all regions of the United States

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