Bulk Wildflower Seed 1# for Wedding Favor's From The Dirty Gardener

The Dirty Gardener

$ 24.99 


The Dirty Gardener sells a lot of flower seed, but our biggest seller by far is for wedding favors. We are constantly asked if "we can get the seed their on time" and we realize how important this day is and how timing and price is everything. This is a do-it-yourself project for sure but at less than .25 per person for the seed and a tiny expense for sandwich bags or muslin pouches. We will ship this within 2 days of you placing your order so don't worry about the getting to you in time to fill them. Your guest will throw them out in a spot on their property and whenever they bloom it will remind them of your special time.

  • Bulk Flower Seed makes a great Party Favor.
  • 1 Bulk Pound can be divided by up to 100 people $.25 per person!
  • over 600,000 Seeds
  • Great remembrance of your wedding for all your guests when they bloom
  • Fast Shipping From The Dirty Gardener

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