The Dirty Gardener Monarda Fistulosa Wild Bergamot

The Dirty Gardener

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Bergamot is a 2' to 4' tall native perennial with numerous 1-1/2" wide heads of beautiful and fragrant two lipped lavender flowers radiating from the center of the head. It is summer flowering with a long flowering period. This versatile plant will tolerate dry to moist soils in full sun or partial shade. For the garden, it is cultivated as a culinary herb, cut flower, dried flower, and for borders. It can also be used in native plant gardens, wildflower meadows, butterfly and hummingbird gardens, and wildlife habitat plantings. It is usually found growing in prairies, prairie remnants, old fields, open rocky woods, and roadsides. Few plants rival Bergamot as a pollinator conservation species.

  • This unusual light purple flower is as beautiful as it is functional
  • Flower heads are made of several wavy tube blooms clustered together
  • Attracts butterflies, bees and hummingbirds
  • Can be steamed to relieve colds or eaten to alleviate nausea
  • Non-GMO seeds have great germination and are easy to grow

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