The Dirty Gardener Brevifolia Engelm Wildcrafted Yucca Joshua Tree, 20 Seeds

The Dirty Gardener

$ 3.95 


20 seeds per packet - A desert species well worth growing as an accent plant, exceptionally drought tolerant once established. After the first few years, the tree starts to rise on a trunk, eventually sheathed in dead leaves, in time (decades) becoming a broad-crowned tree to 45 feet tall and as wide on a stout central trunk. Makes a small specimen with visible trunk in about five years. Seeds collected from the north side of the San Gabriel Mountains in Lancaster in the Los Angeles area, from about the 3000-foot elevation. Grow this for the amazing rosettes of leaves, two feet in diameter, that will (after a decade or more) flower producing compact groups of up to a hundred or so white bells on stalks at the tips of the branches. The flowering unfolds over a period of three to six weeks, depending on temperature. Flowers are followed by seed pods that can remain on the plant for a year or more. For sheer spectacle and size, this is one of the most amazing xeriscape plants we grow. A warning - the leaves really are tipped with sharp spines! Don't plant it where this will be a problem! Avoid over-watering as it may be prone to rot. Definitely let the soil surface dry between waterings. Accent plant for hot sun or just full sun, though it will take light shade, it is not as compact in growth form under those circumstances. Seeds germinate easily and rapidly (3 weeks usually) once planted; they can be planted any time of the year.

  • Makes a fantastic accent tree in desert climates
  • Produces white flowers in summer
  • Grows up to 45 feet tall and well suited to hot, dry conditions and full sun
  • Features spiky, spiny leaves and is spectacularly well defended

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